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Midland Funding Loses Landmark Case for Debt Buyers

  After years of suing consumers without holding a license to operate as a debt collector, Midland Funding has lost a landmark case Under Massachusetts law, a debt collector must be licensed and bonded with the Division of Banks before it can legally engage in...
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Where Will Your Bankruptcy Case Be Heard?

    The Massachusetts Bankruptcy Court is made up of three divisions: the Eastern Division, the Center Division, and the Western Division. There is one court in each of the three divisions: Boston, Worcester, and Springfield. (There is also a fourth court in...
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Can They Say ‘No’ To My Bankruptcy Case?

One of the most common questions my bankruptcy clients ask is whether their case can be rejected for some unknown reason. They fear that the judge won’t like them, or maybe he’ll think they were irresponsible with money. Thankfully, this fear is misplaced. The short...
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Can A Debt Collector Call My Family?

Both federal and state laws prohibit debt collectors from certain types of communications with third parties. For our purposes, a third party is anyone that isn’t either you or the debt collector – including friends, family, coworkers, and neighbors. Under...

What is an Automobile Yo-Yo Sale?

Car salesman have a notorious reputation for haggling consumers into buying new vehicles. While, of course, this practice isn’t illegal, some dealers can take additional steps that are clearly illegal. One such tactic is called a ‘yo-yo’ sale. Consider this: your are...

Bankruptcy Protection Available Even After Foreclosure

One of the most important protections under bankruptcy law is what’s referred to as the “automatic stay.’ This law prohibits most all collection activity against someone after they file bankruptcy. It stops collection calls and letters, as well as more permanent...

When Are Income Taxes Dischargeable in Bankruptcy?

While there are a few types of debt that are never dischargeable in bankruptcy, income taxes are not one of them. However, income taxes are not always dischargeable either. There is a three-part test that income taxes must satisfy in order to be dischargeable....

HAMP Ending in 2016

As the year is approaching its halfway point, now is a good time to remember that the government’s Home Affordable Modification Program is slated to end on December 31, 2016. While this deadline may still seem far away, the HAMP application process can sometimes take...
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