Stop Collection Calls/Letters for $100

Do you avoid answering your phone because of debt collectors? Or do you constantly receive threatening collection letters in the mail? If so, Brine Consumer Law can help.

Under both state and federal consumer protection laws, once a debt collector knows that you are represented by an attorney, they are prohibited from contacting you directly – whether by phone, text, mail, email, etc. If a debt collector violate these laws, they will be liable to you for damages and attorney’s fees.

While the best option to deal with debt collectors may be a bankruptcy or a debt defense lawsuit, Brine Consumer Law understands that these options may not be for everybody. Perhaps you just want the phone to stop ringing right now.

Brine Consumer Law is therefore happy to announce its newest program for consumers – a limited scope representation where we will send cease and desist letters to each of your creditors requesting that they stop contacting you immediately, request validation of the debt, and advise you accordingly. We will also be the primary contact between you and the debt collectors. While these services won’t necessarily help resolve the debt problem overall, we will advise you on your options to do so, and you will get peace of mind so that you can at least start answering the phone again.

The total attorney’s fees for this service is $100. By contrast, most other consumer attorneys will charge hundreds of dollars per hour.

If you would like to start answering your phone again, and stop dreading the mail, please call Brine Consumer Law today at (508) 556-1899. Consultations are always free.

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